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Table olives have been part of everyday life in Spain since ancient times. Whether green or black, pitted or stuffed, in brine or seasoned, Spain is the world’s leading producer of natural, healthy and extremely tasty olives. The most common types of Spanish table olives are the Manzanilla (which translates from Spanish as ‘little apple’), Gordal (delicious green olives as big as quails eggs), Hojiblanca, Verdial, and Cuquillo.

plato manzanillaManzanilla

Pleasantly bitter with notes of almond and a firm texture, the manzanilla olives are also known as “Spanish olives” or “olives from Seville”. This is the principal variety mainly grown in the province of Seville. It is rated worldwide as the finest gourmet olives for eating. Our manzanilla olives (whole or pitted) has a big size and an excellent flavour.


plato gordalGordal

Internationally known as Queen olives, these olives derive their name from the size (“Gordo” meaning “fat” in Spanish). With a heart shaped appearance, when they are green they have white spots on the skin and are appreciated for being fleshy, juicy and extemely tasty. Gordal olives can be served as a snack or as a complement to salads and other foods.


plato negraHojiblanca

Black olives, unlike green olives, remain on the tree and are not harvested until they are fully ripened. Hojiblanca is a late-ripening olive that grows mostly in the Andalusia. It is Spain’s second variety for exports and the first for the production of black olives. Add to salads, pizza topping, sandwiches or wraps.


plato cuquillo2Cuquillo

Cuquillo is a rare variety of an all natural and non-dyed black olive from Southern Spain. It has a smoky flavor and a sweet fermented like after taste that conquers the most demanding palates. This olive is represented by low acidity and bitterness, enhancing the persistence of its aroma. Commonly used for salads and appetizers.


plato verdialCracked Verdial

Elaborated with the best kept secret of our ancestors. A family recipe with olive oil, pepper, garlic, and mix of spices. The cracked olives absorb all the flavour of the marinade, recommended for lovers of new flavors and scents. Perfect for salads (try adding cracked green olives and walnuts), appetizers and tapas.


plato rellena guindillaSpicy Appetizer

A spicy twist on stuffed olives. Premium gordal olives stuffed with spicy chili. A product to amaze your guests due to the view of the product and the spicy bite of chili. Perfect as appetizer. You can combine it with the sweet appetizer.


plato manzanilla deshuesadaAnchovy Stuffed Manzanilla

The mild sweetness of the manzanilla perfectly compliments the smooth saltiness of the anchovy. Even if you don’t particularly like anchovies, this product will become your favorite tapa.


plato banderillaSpicy Cocktail Sticks

The Spicy Cocktail Sticks is a traditional pickle, the mixture of flavors make this product essential in any table. The sticks are composed of small pickled onions, olives, chili peppers, peppers whole/sliced, gherkins. Ingredients are joined together in a stick/banderilla, which gives its characteristic name. It has a spicy flavor ideal for accompanying with cold drinks.


plato cocktailOlivepickle Cocktail

The olivepickle cocktail is a combination of selected olives and pickles, composed by green olives manzanilla, purple olives cornicabra, cuquillo olives, gherkins, small pickled onions, capers and carrots. A touch of Mediterranean Diet in your table. This product is ideal to accompany any mealdrink or as appetizer.

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